It can be very overwhelming but so exciting at the same time. There is the venue to organise… the entertainment… the food… the flowers… the dress… the décor… and of course the PHOTOGRAPHER!

Photographing your special day

I am by no means an expert in organising a wedding, but I do know about photographing a wedding and that is what I would like to write about here.

When you look back on your wedding in 20, 30 or 40 years will you remember what food was served at your wedding? Who was there? What gifts you received? You might even be wondering what ever happened to your bridesmaid!!!

What you will have is your wedding photographs to look at – to reminisce about your special day. That is why it is VITAL to have good quality images taken on the day by a professional photographer.


One always has a budget for their wedding and it is not easy to keep with the required limits. Yet why do a lot of people cut corners with their photographs? Often choosing a cheaper less experienced photographer to capture their special day? I have seen it happen so often. People come to me and show me how bad their wedding photos are. I then ask them “What did you pay?” And normally what they paid for their wedding photographer is in line with what they have received.

How to choose a good photographer

  • Have an informal meeting with the photographer and look at their work. Ask to contact some of the previous couples they have captured and get feedback from them.
  • Please do a pre wedding shoot – it is vital that you are comfortable with the photographer on your wedding day – you have enough stress to worry about on the day. Have a look at these results – are you happy with them?
  • A wedding contract should be signed to protect you and the photographer.
  • Do not use someone who is learning or practicing, gaining experience from your wedding – what if it doesn’t work out?
  • Do not use friends or family members who have a nice camera and are very inexperienced – even if they offer to do it for free.
  • Do not go for the cheapest quote or the most expensive one either, but rather base your decision on the following:-
    1. Does the photographer have the necessary experience and talent to capture your day?
    2. Do you like him or her – do they make you feel comfortable?
    3. Are they a “people person”?
    4. Are they creative and will they do more than just the normal group shots or will they “tell a story”?


Rather cut back on your budget in other areas, but not on your photographer or save a little more money to get the right photographer to capture your wedding. Remember it is the images that you will still be looking at years from now – let them be wonderful.


Questions & Feedback

I would love to hear from you. Any questions or suggestions would be most welcome. Please feel free to contact – Click on this link to go to my contact page.

About Heather McCann

I am a passionate photographer living in Johannesburg. I have loved being a photographer for the past 26 years and capture anything from weddings to wildlife and everything in-between!

I teach photography to people who want to improve their photography or to learn how to get off their automatic setting and become more creative and have more control of their photography.

I sell my work on line as well as at my exhibitions. There is nothing nicer for me to see one of my images sitting on the wall of one of my client’s homes or offices. My work has been in a lot of local and international magazines, newspapers and websites. I am NOT a paparazzi photographer and pride myself in knowing that my clients trust me.

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