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Heather McCannI am based in Johannesburg South Africa. Photography is my passion as well as my profession. I use the power of light, colour and composition to create an image with a message that reflects a specific mood and meaning. I love creating new and different images that I hope will be enjoyed for generations. If there is just one image of mine that makes you think… I have been successful…

I have always lived in Africa but I love to travel and been to some beautiful locations such as Maldives, Barrier Reef (Australia), Mozambique, Barcelona (Spain) as well as New York, Caribbean, Miami and Key West (USA). It is always great to look back on the photos and all the memories come rushing back, including the emotions, smells etc. of that time. I have had many adventures trying to capture that perfect shot – like getting charged at by an elephant!!! I do all kinds of photography, but my favourite is going into the bush and trying to capture the animals and birds in their natural habitat… I probably like the challenge as it is not easy. Underwater photography is the same.

I use Canon cameras, started with film many years ago which taught me the importance of the “exposure triangle”. I now use Canon 5D MKIII, 5D MII and a 7D Cameras. When I scuba dive I use a Sea and Sea camera.

My speciality is weddings and event photography. It is so important to capture a couples “special day”. I spend time with them before the wedding to ensure they will be relaxed with me on their day so that I can capture them in the best possible way and allow them to have memories they can share for years to come.

I also give photographic courses, helping people to understand their camera. Ideal for the beginner or amateur photographer who needs to learn the basic aspects of photography. Students will learn how to use the other functions on the camera and get off “Automatic”.

All my photographs are protected by the “Copyright”. None of my photographs may be used without written permission of Heather McCann Photography including copying, duplicating, reproducing, storing, publishing, or transmitting by any means what so ever.  Most of my work is for sale in various formats. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of my images >>> Click here to go to the contact page>>>

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